Interior + 924 goes Racing 2018

Originally it has a typical 80’s Beige interior !

Half Black / Beige doorcards, and Blue Floor Mats……….

924S Original Interior

wheels (Medium)

wheels 040 (Medium)

When an opportunity to install 2 Cobra Kevlar lightweight Racing seats dropped on

the mat……..It was showtime………. The car was never going to be standard again in

it’s life, I changed and increased the steering wheel from 360 to 380mm and also fitted

a lighter wheel than standard…

The bigger diameter wheel gave the steering more leverage as it’s a Manual steering rack

which is of course dead stiff at slow speeds especially parking ! but it was also quite tough

when hussling roundabouts at speed, so this Italian Suede Sabelt steering Racing wheel

was a performance addition and not just cosmetic…. the deep dish also brought the wheel

closer to the chest (Rally Style) and allowed the seat to be further back for good legroom

924 original Seats Stripped out

Mock up seat fitting…….


wheels 028 (Medium)

Then I wanted a Black interior and sourced a second hand good condition full Black

carpet set I removed the rear seat upholstery and foam

wheels 048


The doorcards were removed and the lower Beige section sprayed Satin Black………….

wheels 033 (Medium)

Transformed from beige 80’s road to a semi Racey black look !

wheels 058 (Medium)

Carpet glued to the panels..

wheels 062 (Medium)

Acoustic speaker cloth! for the central section..

wheels 091 (Medium)

Seat backs Sprayed in Graphite and 2 pack Lacquered….

wheels 108 (Medium)

Sparco 3 point 2″ Road buckle Harnesses fitted

wheels 083 (Medium)

Gear Gaiter

A new Gaiter Made by Top Gaiters (Ebay) in Black Leather with Yellow Stitch..

And a top Metal Insert which I painted the gate pattern in Yellow.

wheels 1000759 (Medium) (2)



I Decided to add some colour to the drivers clocks with a German Flag 3 colour theme

cluster, with three 2nd hand sourced Yellow writing dials……..

wheels 66731224 (Medium)

You’ll notice the central Speedo has an inner circle in KPH which I think looks a bit too busy….

So I took it apart, ……painted it out with Black and also painted the inner Bezel in a Matt Red.

wheels 66731233 (Medium)

This clock has been sent away to JDO Instruments for a service and Mileometer reset

to Zero so this can be used to show the true mileage with the newly rebuilt engine.


Aluminium Rollcage

As a road car project, I didn’t need to have a Steel rollcage fitted. or did I want to add

anything heavy!

The area behind the front seats was quite long and empty ! And it needed something

a little more pleasing to the eye, so I designed and fitted an aluminium rear road cage.

Having just made the interior look tidy in the black cloth I was not prepared to

consider welding and cutting the body & Chassis to house such a roll cage…..

So after some visual research I saw 3 pick up points and designed 2 brackets that could

be fitted on to the car with no welding or modification required. The design consisted

of 2 Lateral bars (One in the centre & one across the rear hatch) 2 bars from the centre

bracket to the B Pillar point where the seatbelt was originally bolted, and 2 more bars

triangulating the rear bar to the central one.

Each tube / bar is fitted with a left & right hand aluminium threaded Rod end and this

means each tube can be tightened very stiff, putting pressure on the chassis, hence why

the end result not only looked racey but also added significant rigidity to the chassis

which could be felt very clearly when driving……


Here is the central bracket which bolts to the inside of the C Pillar where the body

has a captive nut fitted where the original rear seat latch was originally fitted…..

wheels 193 (Medium)


These are the 2 brackets for the sides of the rear hatch…which bolt together

sandwiching the body….

wheels 176 (Medium)

The two bolt holes go through where the original carpet poppers usually fix !

wheels 183

Here the rod ends have been fitted to the brackets with the aluminium thick threaded

discs which will be welded to the tubing once the measurements had been taken….

wheels 209 (Medium)

I mocked up all the tubes with some aluminium angle

wheels 236 (Medium)

Each Aluminium tube has a thick disc welded on each end and 1 side tapped left and

the other a right hand thread.

wheels 244 (Medium)

Each tube is Powder coated graphite grey….

wheels 252 (Medium)

wheels 280 (Medium)

wheels 284 (Medium)


Standard Bosch  = 15KG

Lithiumax (Australia) Including the Bracket is 3.75kg !!


wheels 66731739 (Medium)


XMAS 2017

A conversation with a friend about circuit Racing ends with a Plan to prepare the 924 for 2018

The 750 Motor Club have a Club Enduro Series which is 2 and 3 hour races and 7 rounds including Spa

The car was featured in 911 & Porsche World in the April edition:




wheels 140


An OMP Rollcage was sourced and the prep began………..

wheels 017 (Medium)

First all the interior was removed…..

wheels 045 (Medium)

And all the rubber Sound deadening and Filler dug out with Solvents and a heat gun!

wheels 097 (Medium)

This little lot was removed as we require none of it !

(Alarm, Window, Speaker, Heated Screen, Sunroof wiring etc..)

wheels 174 (Medium)


After paint (2pack Anthracite Satin)

wheels 99143 (Medium)

wheels 99139 (Medium)


1st race – 750MC Club Enduro Oulton park

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-76 (2) (Medium)


– 44 Runners

3 Classes: 180 / 240  / 300+ BHP per ton

We Qualified 8th from 12 in Class and 38th

2 Hours later we finished 26th and both drivers Improved their Quali lap times by 4 seconds

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-crop76 (3) (Medium)

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-crop185 (3) (Medium)

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-219 (2) (Medium)

The car ran very well, used little Fuel (50 litres in 2.5 hours Racing), didn’t wear out

the tyres or brakes and the only negative was the suspension needs to be much stiffer

to be more competitive, which is not a big Issue as the INTRAX Dampers can be fully

rebuilt and Re-valved. They will also be fitted with 4 Race Coil Springs at least twice the

current rates.


Modifications and Upgrades for the 2nd Race (Silverstone 11th August)


New Brake pads are required as the previous set are too soft, have a low coefficient of friction

and are not digging in and creating enough heat & stopping power

Wilwood list many compounds and We’re trying higher temp, more aggressive and higher

coefficient of friction pads on the front & rear



The front Spoiler needs to be lower and have a Splitter tray to reduce the amount of air going underneath and causing drag


wheels 99204 (Medium)

The rear Spoiler will have 1 or 2 additional planes / elements added to reduce the rear drag from the

negative pressure caused by the air flowing over the roof & boot lid and then dragging from the upswept void after the rear section

Areas to Look at: 


Frontal Area


beemeraircurtainnload (Medium)



Front Spoiler Wheel arch

wheels 99254 (Medium)


wheels 036 (Medium)




Front Splitter & Flat Floor


wheels 018 (Medium)


Radiator Cooling Front Hole Size

wheels 014 (Medium)

wheels 015 (Medium)


Front Wing Pockets

wheels 005 (Medium)


Rear wings

wheels 012 (Medium)


Rear Bumper pockets

wheels 028 (Medium)

wheels 027 (Medium)

wheels 022 (Medium)

Windscreen Gutters

wheels 011 (Medium)


wheels 003 (Medium)



Rear Spoiler Single Plane @ Roof height


5.20.10. Not have skirts, bridging devices or any form of aerodynamic device between the chassis and the ground/track. Any specific part of the car influencing its aerodynamic performance must: a) comply with rules relating to coachwork. b) be rigidly secured to the entirely sprung part of the vehicle. c) remain immobile in relation to the vehicle. 5.20.11. Under no circumstance can any part of the bodywork, or of the suspended part of the car, be below a horizontal plane passing 4cm above the ground, the car being in normal racing trim with the driver aboard. A gauge of 4cm may be used by Scrutineers before or after races or practice to check the ground clearance
5.2.7. Aerodynamic devices may only be fitted to Racing and Sports Racing Cars (unless prohibited by an Approved Formula), or where specifically permitted, where FIA homologated, or where complying with National type approval. Such devices must not extend beyond the maximum width of the vehicle, above the maximum height of any roof, or for an open car the maximum height of the ROPS.
For Saloon and Sports Cars such devices must not extend longitudinally from the bodywork by more than 100mm.
For Sports Racing Cars such devices must not extend longitudinally from the rear wheel axis by more than 1100mm.

wheels 034 (Medium)


Cockpit Ventilation


wheels 99223 (Medium)




Racing Examples

imageswerftghjkkk (2)