Bodywork & Exhaust

The body Panels from New are Galvanised and hence why most 924’s, 944 and 968’s

are still about and not like most rust buckets from the 1980’s !

This car is no exception and all the sills, arches and panels are in very good condition

so no bodywork repairs or paintwork was required.


wheels 013

I did however want to replace some panels to make the car lighter for improved


First was the sunroof Steel panel which was 10kg, and I replaced it with a Fibreglass

version at 1.75kg

Fibreglass Sunroof Panel

wheels 21927

This also meant the electric sunroof and cables could be removed to save more weight

approx. 2.5kg


Then the Steel Bonnet from 20kg to a fibre one from Club Autosport @ 9kg

Fibreglass Bonnet

Paintwork by AutoKraft, and a Decal added, There goes keeping it looking original !

wheels 350 (Medium)


The originals Mirrors are electrical and heated, and very heavy at 3kg each!

924 / 944 Standard Mirrors


So…… 500gram Racing mirrors were sourced, and modified to fit the Porsche stems

wheels 085


Then Painted & Lacquered by TWR in Porsche Alpine White……….


Race Mirrors original stems


The steel Front badge panel was changed for a fibre version with the 924 Turbo slot style…………half the weight of the steel version

wheels 323 (Medium)

Genuine lightweight Porsche crest !…………it’s a Sticker Porsche use on the 911 Gt3….

wheels 336


Mesh grill and a bonnet decal, GTS lights also mocked up….

wheels 386 (Medium)


Fibreglass and poly lenses, Hella Lamps…approx. 3kg the pair compared to the standard pop up light units, steel bar and electric motor which weight about 15kg !

wheels 219 (Medium)

Fibreglass rear bumper replacing the plastic original, again half the weight !

wheels 331

Custom side decals “S” in a grey with 924 logo inside….

wheels 313 (Medium)

And rear hatch…..

wheels 311 (Medium) (2)


Club AutoSport (Halesowen)

Supplied (2) Fibreglass Wings

wheels 1000573 (Medium)


Fibreglass (Zender Style) Slatted Front Lower Valance……..

wheels 1000574 (Medium)

Also a 924 Carrera GTS Deep Rear Spoiler

Carerra Rear Spoiler


Although when I offered up , I thought it looked too big, long, and just not quite what I wanted ! It’s better suited to the wider arch 924 Carerra GT’s & 944’s

wheels 66731259



A Change of plan found another solution, which not only looks quite bespoke and different, but this product is 4 separate pieces which all fix individually to the original frame, and are easier to fit than the original interlocking 944 S2 / 968 Bridge Spoiler.

Delta Styl BRidge87 (Medium)

Delta Styling

Made in the Uk, Stuart from Carlton Motorsport (Barnsley) made me a lighter fibre version, Primed ready for a quick prep and Satin Black.


Here’s a mock up on the Lexan hatch to check the fit….

wheels 66731325 (Medium)


All 4 pieces Primed and flatted, ready for a 2 pack Matt Black……

wheels 66731380 (Medium)


Spoiler Painted & Fitted

wheels 66731509 (Medium)


All Fibreglass Front fitted…..

Bodywork 4


Then the Bumper Colour went Grey……….

wheels 1000794111111

Fitted with a lightweight panel painted with Logo…

instead of using the original driving lights (1.5kg a pair) and LED Sidelights either side of the number plate……..

wheels 66731160 (Medium)


wheels 66731161 (Medium)


Rear Lexan Hatch fitted………by (1 4 U Windscreens – llay)





plastics 4 perform

The Door windows, quarter side and rear hatch are all a lightweight Lexan, Hard coated for Road use, and with a light grey tint.

Body Upgrades

More lightening in progress………

A pair of Steel doors were sourced, which had been used on a Race car & lightened..

wheels 66731893 (Medium)

The glass removed, Lexan instead and the steel doorcard Inside cut out…

wheels 66731896 (Medium)


The plan is to Lighten them as far as possible as opposed to buying and fitting fiberglass

doors because they do not fit very well..

The Bottom was multi drilled, and a section cut out the front Steel skin, the plan

is to replace this with an Aluminium panel riveted on.

wheels 66731904 (Medium)





Back from the Fabrication shop (JEMX) after having X Door bars and the front panel

welded / riveted in.

wheels 66732589 (Medium)

wheels 66732595 (Medium)


Rare Scripted Porsche Doorcards were found and cut to only use the top section

wheels 66732605 (Medium)




Trial Fitting, original door off…..



They are as original apart from lighter mirrors, Wind up Window mechanisms

(Power motor removed) also stereo Speakers and Lexan window instead of Glass

This reduced the weight from 4.5kg from 31 to 27kg



The new doors need preparing and painting, External handles, Mirrors,

an internal door pull + Lexan window and rubber seals etc..

This should add about 4kg, which will bring a final weight to 17kg !

So 20kg saving in total for the pair is a fairly good difference.



The door fits well and here’s an idea what they will look different when they are painted





Doors Painted exterior (alpine white) inside satin Black

wheels 66732695 (Medium)

wheels 66732701 (Medium)

wheels 66732692 (Medium)



The original Manifold was a heavy cast item approx. 9kg,

wheels 541 (Medium)

I sourced a 2nd hand tubular steel manifold (A lot lighter @ 4.5kg) from the 944 turbo which has a flexible convoluted section on clyinder No. 1 to avoid it cracking.

wheels 430 (Medium)

Painted in very High Temp satin black….aerosol

wheels 513 (Medium)

But the Painted surfaces were so thin that just handling it was “marking it” easily….so I wanted a better long term solution……………..

Then I found one…….



Zircotec rte_img_large_165

Their coatings utilise Zircotec’s own  proprietary Thermohold® technology and are applied using their own in-house highly optimised plasma-spraying process.

This coating Provides an extremely hard, lightweight yet durable ceramic coating that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock whilst also protecting the underlying component from corrosion.

And here it is…………..With a Black Metalic Plasma Coating

wheels 1000575 (Medium)

wheels 1000580 (Medium)

wheels 1000576 (Medium)

It feels and looks tough, and has the performance added benefits……..Perfect!


Exhaust part 2

The original downpipe and centre silencer piece was heavy at 9.5kg

I got another made at 7.5kg by cutting off the heavy box and using a flex and a red cherry bomb straight through design, I also had a Lambda sensor boss welded on for a co2 sensor..

wheels 538 (Medium)


The standard back box and pipe is 10kg, I found a lighter (aftermarket) one at 9kg

wheels 565 (Medium)


So I reduced the Manifold from 9 to 4.5kg

The front pipe & Silencer from 9.5 to 7.5kg

And the rear silencer & Pipe from 10 to 9kg

A total reduction from 28.5 to 21kg which was very good…


But then I’ve found a company in Finland that make lightweight systems from thin gauge stainless steel.



Markus Martelius reccomended a thin wall (1.2mm) Stainless Steel tube and hence made me a (1) box system with an Aluminium core and lightweight connections.

I sent him a standard back box & pipe, which he measured and make a new pre bent and shaped pipe section and supplied the lightweight silencer for my Fabricator JEMX to weld together on the car. The front downpipe will not have a silencer but a straight pipe. 2″

Martelius porsche-ultralight


VHT Painted Matt black, ready for welding and fitting together

wheels 66731488 (Medium)

The previous lighter 2 box exhaust system was 16.5kg and the calculations for this 1 box lighweight tubing & (1) Silencer system are 8kg !

So if we take an original complete system (Inc manifold) which was on this car from new in 1987……..

The summary is I’ve gone from 28.5Kg to 12.5kg !


The original Downpipe has been cut, ready for a straight piece to be welded on,

the new system will only have one rear silencer

wheels 66731356 (Medium)


JEMX Fabrication has made Stainless Hangers for the new system…….


wheels 66731351 (Medium)


Exhaust welded up