Brakes & Fuel system


All 4 Standard Calipers on the 924S and 944 early models are made from Iron and a

Single piston Sliding design.

wheels 021

These are very good for road use and even with higher temp pads for more spirited use..

wheels 1000063


So what better I thought then to buy refurbished plated ones and use new

high quality pads….

wheels 051 (Medium)


The car and me then changed our mind !, as we both swung towards going faster with

more and more performance a better direction was where it was heading………

and more powerful brakes were required…….

In combination with more weight saving I sourced Aluminum wilwood Dynalite Calipers for each corner with their recommended Poly Matrix Q-tec pads.

With a slightly higher temperature compound for the fronts.

With Brackets to suit the 944 hubs front & Rear, these were also sourced from the USA from a company that specialise in VW Transporters (Wagenwest) and they offer these brackets for those VW van enthusiasts that want to fit 944 suspension and hubs & brakes…!

Wilwood Dynalite 4 pots

wheels 127 (Medium)

wheels 1000244


Once again further thought was put on the whole braking system and a decision made to go for a bigger caliper on the front , and Wilwood produce a DynaPro 6 Pot caliper with the same Lug mounting measurements….

wheels 1000328


Couldn’t resist……….Not much (if anything) escapes getting painted !

wheels 1000337 (Medium)

wheels 1000506 (Medium)


All new hardline (copper / Nickel) brake lines (Front & Rear) are being installed as

the originals (27 years young) were perished in places…..

wheels 1000507 (Medium)


Fitted With a 968 master cylinder which has a bigger rear circuit bore & a 968

Servo which helps provide a 60/40% Brake bias split

master 924sJPG

– with 4 flexy short aeroquip lines connecting to each calipers on the front and the

rear flexy lines are near the axle

A rear adjustable bias valve was also installed.


Brake Discs

Originally I went for plain EBC, but then changed my mind and decided I needed

a high quality heat treated brand that would not warp..

So the Fronts are TAROX Sport Japan



And the rears Stoptec from the USA:



Rear Wilwood 4 pots fitted……….(August 2015)

wheels 1000564 (Medium)


These rear Calipers had a tendancy to lock slightly before the fronts! so I changed them for

New calipers the same style but with smaller Pistons and torque.

wheels 66731840 crop (2) (Medium)



August 2017

Front Brake Disc Change, not just because new Suspension / Stubs axles and Hubs are

being fitted but also because the original discs when getting HOT were growing in diameter

and catching on the Caliper Bridge, so I’ve gone for some Zimmermann Sport cross Drilled

discs which have been machined to a smaller diameter from 282mm to (278mm )

to allow 4mm expansion.

The 5 centre holes have also been “Slotted” which when combined with a Floating bolt

will also allow the Discs lateral width to expand when Hot.

wheels 66732274 (Medium)

wheels 66732279 (Medium)

wheels 66732285 (Medium)

The M8 Shoulder Bolts have orderedwith an exactly measurement length shank for the

Hub and Disc holes.

wheels 66732312 (Medium)

wheels 66732323 crop(2) (Medium)

On the hub side is the bolt head, which then has a double spring washer and 2 thin stainless flat

washers either side.

After the shoulder is a smaller M6 washer and Aero Lock Nut which once tightened fully

will leave approx 1.8mm of movement before the spring is fully compressed, this will

allow the Iron disc and Alumnium Hub to expand when it gets very HOT and the slots

will also allow the diameter to expand also preventing wharping.

wheels 66732327 (Medium)

wheels 66732516 crop (Medium) (2)

This is a pile of parts due to be fitted way back in 2013 ! but the front brake calipers and rear discs were changed and uprated when a new 2.7 Litre Engine was coming !

wheels 568 cropshop (Medium)

wheels 576 (Medium)



Fuel Tank

Stripped back to bare metal…………….

wheels 1000088 (Medium)


Opened up, and 2 new aluminium baffles designed, made and installed by JEMX (UK)

fuel tank baffles 2 (Medium)

The panel was then re-welded up  and dye checked for cracks.


Then Powdercoated at 200 degrees in Satin Black

wheels 1000130 (Medium)


New Stainless Steel Straps, Powdercoated too…so they should last for 200 years + !

wheels 1000126


It’s amazing how a lick of paint makes something 28 years old look as new if not better.

wheels 1000132


Tank re-fitted (August 2015) with new pump & Filter and new fuel lines……

wheels 1000568 (Medium)

–  New Bosch Fuel pump 3 Bar

wheels 227

All 4 injectors sent away to be checked at ASNU …….all given a clean bill of health…

wheels 484 (Medium)

Fuel Rail Powdercoated……….

wheels 516 (Medium)