924 goes Racing 2018 / 19



XMAS 2017

A conversation with a friend about circuit Racing ends with a Plan to prepare the 924 for 2018

The 750 Motor Club have a Club Enduro Series which is 2 and 3 hour races and 7 rounds including Spa

The car was featured in 911 & Porsche World in the April edition:




wheels 140


An OMP Rollcage was sourced and the prep began………..

wheels 017 (Medium)

First all the interior was removed…..

wheels 045 (Medium)

And all the rubber Sound deadening and Filler dug out with Solvents and a heat gun!

wheels 097 (Medium)

This little lot was removed as we require none of it !

(Alarm, Window, Speaker, Heated Screen, Sunroof wiring etc..)

wheels 174 (Medium)


After paint (2pack Anthracite Satin)

wheels 99143 (Medium)

wheels 99139 (Medium)


1st race – 750MC Club Enduro Oulton park

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-76 (2) (Medium)


– 44 Runners

3 Classes: 180 / 240  / 300+ BHP per ton

We Qualified 8th from 12 in Class and 38th

2 Hours later we finished 26th and both drivers Improved their Quali lap times by 4 seconds

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-crop76 (3) (Medium)

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-crop185 (3) (Medium)

JonElsey2018OultonClubEnduro-219 (2) (Medium)

The car ran very well, used little Fuel (50 litres in 2.5 hours Racing), didn’t wear out

the tyres or brakes and the only negative was the suspension needs to be much stiffer

to be more competitive, which is not a big Issue as the INTRAX Dampers can be fully

rebuilt and Re-valved. They will also be fitted with 4 Race Coil Springs at least twice the

current rates.


Modifications and Upgrades for the 2nd Race (Silverstone 11th August)


New Brake pads are required as the previous set are too soft, have a low coefficient of friction

and are not digging in and creating enough heat & stopping power

Wilwood list many compounds and We’re trying higher temp, more aggressive and higher

coefficient of friction pads on the front & rear



The front Spoiler needed to be lower and have a Splitter tray to reduce the amount of air going underneath and causing drag

So a Front Splitter made from Marine ply 18mm thick was made with a Fiberglass top to it,

this is attached to the front cross member with 3 “L” Brackets

wheels crop017 (2) (Medium)


A rear wing was purchased from DJ Racecars who make chassis and carbon Fibre wings

which the profile was designed by Simon McBeath the Aero man.

Brackets were made to fix this on the rear where the Wing sat at Roof height

wheels 99538 (Medium)

wheels 006 (Medium)


The Splitter has a floor which extends to the Sump, then after more aluminium sheet

covers the tunnel


wheels 99578 (Medium)


clubEnduro-31 (2) (Medium)


clubEnduro-65 (3) (Medium)


clubEnduro-74 (2) (Medium)


clubEnduro-38 (2) (Medium)

There are 2 more rounds left but we’ve decided to call it a day for 2018, and to change

and upgrade not only the clutch but fit more aerodynamic devices and do some testing

and then hit the ground running for the 2019 Club Enduro Championship



Preparation has started to get out for some testing before the 1st round on Monday 22nd April

The Dash, and complete heater box and pipework has been removed to reduce weight and redesign

the clocks, lap timer, fuel gauge etc..