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A 1987 Porsche 924S …..

An Ebay purchase September 2012 taxed and tested and had been driven daily

which showed …..as everything worked, the car had been serviced regular, and was in great condition and drove really well.

Within a week of ownership the wheels seemed to just find their way into production at

my business The Wheel Restorer where they were stripped and freshly Powder coated

I also treated her to 4 Brand New Michelin Tyres.

Having previously owned another 924S , four 944’s and a 968 over the previous 10 years

I came to the conclusion that this 924S was probably the best car of the lot for many reasons:

  • The cost of purchase at the time was hard to beat, (Since then values have increased 3 times!),
  • The driving experience was great, not due to the fact it had been in regular use and was serviced regular but also the slimmer lighter package (1260kg) which is surprisingly similar and less than some  modern small hatchbacks especially with heavy diesel engines,
  • The slippery narrow track & body before Porsche Morphed the chassis into the wider (944),
  • The fantastic feel of a Manual steering rack and the Skinny 6” wide wheels and tyres really made this standard classic car a perfect balance of 2.5 litres of power, low weight and a joy to drive briskly on the road.

I was using the car for my daily drive and it was just getting better and better.

Then what happened next and the chain of events that followed were not planned or did I realise this car would ever go down such a direction! 

An opportunity arose to modify and improve the car’s performance simply at first with some lightweight Kevlar bucket seats………..but then it got a lot more serious………..and then some!

This is the first shot where all these items were removed and weighed

(Passenger Seat, Spare wheel, Jack handle, sunroof bag, rear carpet, rear seat back & Belts….)

wheels 017 (Medium)

The last 4 years have been an interesting pursuit of my time and a varied train of activity where this standard car has changed massively but not that much at all externally.

A big priority was to keep it and make it a very competent Road car and not something stiff as a board, dragging it’s arse on the floor and wearing a “look at me” Bodykit,

Quite the reverse, a wolf in Baa Baa Black sheep’s coat for sure !

I felt the need to document all my work and this website illustrates the journey , and what has been achieved so far… the car will hopefully be fully finished and ready to Roll…………….May 2016

Hence all the various components /  tabs on the top will be constantly updated as further work is completed in time

This standard 2.5 Litre classic Porsche when finished had a engine change to a 2.7 Litre 8 valve

Lindsey Racing Engine, and only weighed a tad over 1000Kg !

Look at all the fun and progress on all of the car on the various sections at the top……….

wheels 393 (Medium)

wheels 1000510 (Medium)

wheels 001 crop(2) (Medium)

Split into 3 sections the car’s weight loss modifications resulting in the following:


1.   112kg

2.   70kg

3.   68kg


This Illustrates how “BIG” modern cars have become,..

Even against an old 2004 Ford Focus…this 2.7 classic Porsche is nearly 400Kg Lighter!

wheels 66731686 crop (2) (Medium)


If you want to jump to the “End Result” click on this undelined link below to see what was acheived


TEch Spec 924srr27L


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